Through its educational innovation and scientific dissemination activities, the Campus Auga, seeks to establish ties between the Campus and the broader education community and society at large, facilitating the flow of information, knowledge and scientific activities carried out on the Campus.


Promotion and Dissemination

  • To raise awareness among members of the university community about the Campus Auga and the possibilities it offers for improving teaching, research and development at the Campus of Ourense.
  • To increase awareness of the scientific activities and events organised within the framework of the Campus Auga.
  • To make the Campus Auga, project more widely known among the non-university education, especially actions geared to the value of water and respect for the environment.


  • To raise awareness on the university community, non-university education and society at large concerning water’s key potential for scientific, technological, cultural and social development in the province of Ourense.
  • To stress the value of water as an outstanding resource in the province of Ourense and to raise social awareness and promote respect concerning its use.
  • To show the university community, non-university education and society at large the many industrial, technological, cultural, leisure and therapeutic applications, uses and possibilities that water has in the province of Ourense.

Target Audience

Bearing in mind the given objectives and the execution phase of the Campus Auga, educational innovation and scientific outreach activities will primarily target the following groups:

  • The University Community.
  • The non-university education.
  • Society at large.

However, the scientific dissemination and educational innovation activities carried out by the Campus Auga are not limited to these groups and seek to reach other audiences though publications, by participating in national and international forums and through NIT-based activities (web pages, blogs, Facebook…).