III International Congress on Water

The III International Congress on Water on “Water, Society and Territory” takes place within the study and research framework of the Campus Auga in the Campus of Ourense of the University of Vigo and, as in previous editions, the main objective is to offer a meeting point to reflect and exchange knowledge on significant aspects related to water. This edition has a multidisciplinary character, analysing specific aspects of the historical, artistic and geographical reality of water and human being in different territories and societies.

Within the general topic of water, this congress proposes to analyse different research lines, in which reference specialist will participate who, in addition to contextualizing the subject, will present in the form of a report, different results or research models according to congress themed blocks.


II International Congress on Water

Given the current context of climate change, it is clear that the impact of extreme weather phenomena such as floods and droughts will only worsen over the decades to come, becoming one of the main concerns for developed countries. As such, warning and contingency protocols need to be set up in order to face these new challenges.

The objective of this congress is to bring together scientists from around the world to discuss the latest advances in flood and drought analysis, prevention and mitigation. Similarly, the congress also aims to bring together different stakeholders responsible for water management at the local, regional and national levels such as Water Authorities, together with highly water-dependent productive sectors such as farmers, energy companies, water providers, etc., in order to promote a valuable exchange of information between the scientists, stakeholders and decision-makers involved.

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I International Congress on Water

From the outset, the Congress is intended to become a permanent forum for scientific debate, generating and transferring knowledge on different water-related issues, the speciality of the Campus Auga in the Campus of Ourense of the University of Vigo.

This first edition is dedicated to medicinal spa water, covering water quality, economic and legal management, therapeutic uses, openings for tourism, etc., giving rise to theoretical and applied research contributing to a better understanding of this sector.

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