In the Campus of Ourense there are a total of 86 research groups in various fields, 50 of which have as a Principal Investigator (PI) in Ourense, which are encompassed in 2 big R&D clusters. This is a great opportunity to develop interdisciplinary research projects.

The Campus Auga must establish itself as an internationally renowned regional (Euroregional) leader and as a multidisciplinary research organisation in the field of water-related issues..

The main goals in this strategic guidelines are:

  • To establish multidisciplinary projects relevant on the field of water which can enhance the regional, national and international available funding.
  • To attract new international research partners, which will increase the Campus visibility in the international research community.
  • To increase the number of papers published in international scientific journals, especially co-authored papers, within the specialised fields of the Campus Auga.
  • To liaise between the research conducted by the groups in the Campus Auga and the PhDs students in the Campus Auga.