In accordance with the Campus Auga, CITACA places water as a main focus connecting all the stages in the food production cycle, considering the use of the waste generated in each stage, their relation with the environment and the water quality as a vulnerable resource. ”

The CITACA (Agri-food Research and Transfer Cluster, Campus Auga) structure, was created as a bottom-up initiative from one of the R&D multiclusters in the Campus Auga (Cluster 1 “Food, Environment and ICT”, which unites several groups from the Faculty of Sciences in the Campus of Ourense of the University of Vigo, which had collaborated in the last years within the specialization area of food and environment in different research activities related with agricultural soils, food processing industry, valuing of by-products from this activity and with quality and food safety, and the group from the School of Computer Engineering which, from the specialization area of the ICT also performs collaborative works with some of the researches of the previous groups.

Also a group from the University of Santiago de Compostela, which works on the evaluation of environmental impacts and modelling of pollutant transfers between different matrices, as well as a group from the Faculty of Chemistry in the Campus of Vigo, expert in advanced synthesis tools, structural analysis and chemical modelling which were considered relevant as transversal complements in various work lines.

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