Bachelor’s Degree with a strong multidisciplinary content which provides graduated students with the appropriate education to cover environmental problems from various branches of knowledge, such as knowing and understanding the physical, chemical and biological foundations related to the environment and its technological processes, the different aspects of the planning, management, assessment and conservation of natural resources, as well as the analysis of holdings of environmental resources in a context of sustainable development and their relationship with climate and global change.


Educational Activity Area

  • Main: Environment
  • Related: Food, Water Management


  • Environmental Management
  • Atmospheric Processes and Climate


Academic, scientific and professional interest

Unique Bachelor’s Degree in the Galician University System.
Formative Itineraries shared with Agricultural Engineering and Food Science and Technology, offering to achieve two bachelor’s degrees in similar areas of knowledge combining subjects.



Professional Field

  • Environmental quality management systems in companies and organisations
  • Environmental management in Public Administration
  • Environmental impact for consultancy and evaluation
  • Environmental Auditing
  • Environmental Industry Technology
  • Environmental training and education
  • Rural environmental management


  • Advanced water treatment technician, expert, specialist
  • Hydrologist
  • Environmental operator
  • Environmental technician
  • Quality control, safety, and environment technician
  • Specialist in environmental impact technician
  • Atmospheric pollution management and control technician
  • Circular economy technician, expert, specialist


Further information