Bachelor’s Degree focused in law which provides a global knowledge in all the areas related with law, bringing together the general structure and the fundamental concepts of the different disciplines related with law. There are plenty of topics linked with water in which to a greater or lesser extent, law takes part: Supply, purification, sanitation, waste water treatment, run-off, water purification, groundwater, desalination, reuse, water management, hydrological planning, protection of the public hydraulic domain, rights of private use of water concessions, easement, delimitations and modulations, environmental management, climate change, research, water quality, drought, floods, water infrastructure, allocations, fees, transfers, business, legislation, biodiversity, meteorology, mining, digitization, energy uses, recreational uses, industrial uses, thermalism, etc.


Educational Activity Area

  • Main: Water Management
  • Related: Environment, Food


  • European Union Law and Sustainable Development


Academic, scientific and professional interest

It is possible to take Joint Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management and Law.



Professional Field

  • Hydraulic public domain management, protection and control
  • Counselling in the legislation drafting and execution
  • Writing legal documents
  • Legal, labour, commercial, fiscal and administrative counselling for entities and natural persons
  • Legal consulting and auditing


  • Lawyer specialised in environmental law
  • Legal environmental advisor
  • Legal environmental consultant
  • Technological lawyer
  • Specialist in personal data protection
  • Accountable of industrial property
  • Regulatory compliance technician


Further information