Master’s Degree in topics related with environment and processing involved in the food industries, providing training for the development of the professional activity in the correct handle and conservation of natural resources and environment, from which raw materials are obtained, like in the different steps of the food chain, including the latest advances in industrial processing or biotechnology, including food quality and safety. Providing a comprehensive and multidisciplinary training enabling to develop and implement new technologies in the agri-food sector, as well as the development of new products and valuation of existing ones.


Educational Activity Area

  • Main: Environment
  • Related: Food, Water Management


  • Agricultural and Food Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Food Industry Processes


Academic, scientific and professional interest

Unique Master’s Degree in the Galician University System.
Master’s Degree that provides access to the PhD Programme in Agrifood Science and Technology, which was awarded with the Mention for Excellence by the Ministry of Education on its last call, and from most of the teaching staff in the master’s degree come from.
The Master’s Degrees three specialities have been recognised by the Shanghai Ranking. Academic Ranking of World Universities. Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2020: Food Science and Technology is among the best 75 in the world; Agricultural Sciences is among the best 500 in the world; Earth Sciences is among the best 500 in the world.



Professional Field

  • Ecological and sustainable production development by means of new strategies and procedures that ensure the agri-food production and the duality food-health development
  • Raw materials for agri-food industry optimisation and use under the premise of environmental sustainability
  • New processes and strategies in the food production and conservation guaranteeing food quality and safety research and development
  • Food industry processing for new technologies development and implementation, as well as for the elaboration of new products and / or the valuing of those that currently exist in the market
  • Degradation and loss of biodiversity processes in edaphic, hydric and biotic environments and deterioration of the associated habitats control


  • Food biotechnologist
  • Food industry technician
  • Food service laboratory technician
  • Person in charge of production and elaboration of new products and food processes
  • Food industrial production management and control
  • Food quality control technician
  • Food service laboratory technician
  • Food and sensory analysis technician
  • Food quality inspector, auditor
  • Environmental operator
  • Environmental technician
  • Specialist in environmental impact technician
  • Quality control, safety, and environment technician
  • Atmospheric pollution management and control technician
  • Advanced water treatment technician, expert, specialist
  • Hydrologist
  • Circular economy technician, expert, specialist


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