The PhD Programme in Cultural Heritage Protection prepares doctors in the cultural heritage management and conservation, in its different forms (movable, immovable, intangible cultural heritage) and from different disciplines, including history, art history, geography, archaeology, chemistry, physics, biology, geology, architecture, engineering. Therefore, only from this multidisciplinary perspective is possible to face the research on heritage in order to protect and preserve it. This programme also aims to provide an answer to the current training demand for researchers from the groups involved in the heritage protection, grouping all the possible disciplines participation or contributing to the heritage protection in a common framework for exchange and collaboration in higher education.


  1. Environment
  2. Water Management


Topics on the Specialisation Lines


– Water georesources for territorial sustainability and rural development
– Climate change and water resources
– Protected spaces conservation
– Environment and its sustainability legal framework

Research Lines

  • Environment and heritage: Climate change, biodiversity and biodeterioration
  • Natural heritage: Geodiversity, protected areas and sustainable development
  • Geotechnologies applied to heritage
  • Cultural heritage legislation and jurisprudence


    Water Management

    – Water natural, material and intangible heritage and its use in the territory planning and development.

    Research Lines

    • Valuation, management and diffusion of cultural heritage
    • Historical-artistic heritage and urbanism
    • Territory and historical landscape


      Academic, scientific and professional interest

      – Interuniversity PhD Programme by the University of Vigo (Coordination) and the Universities of Santiago de Compostela and of Coruña.
      – PhD Programme which brings educational continuity to the graduated students from the Master’s Degrees related with this Programme from the Galician University System like the Master’s Degree in Tourism Products and Destinations Planning and Management; the Master’s Degree Juana de Vega in Landscape Architecture; the Master’s Degree in Geoinformatics; the Master’s Degree in Sustainable Construction; the Master’s Degree in Architectural Restoration; Master’s Degree in Architecture; Master’s Degree in Advanced Studies in Museums, Archives and Libraries; Master’s Degree in Valuation, Management and Protection of Heritage; Master’s Degree in History, Land and Heritage Resources.
      – PhD Programme in collaboration with the University of Cádiz and with the Higher School of Cultural Heritage Conservation and Restoration of Galicia, with the Interuniversity Master’s Degree in Archaeology and Antiquity Sciences (University of Vigo), and with the Master’s Degree in Inland and Health Tourism Management and Planning (University of Vigo).


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