The PhD Programme in Water, Sustainability and Development covers the need of offering specialised high quality training in the knowledge generation and dissemination with one of the resources considered essentials currently as water is. Its interdisciplinary and relation with other elements, like environment, food, natural and cultural resources, tourism and thermalism, are of strategic interest for the province of Ourense and the euroregional Galicia-North of Portugal.


Alignment with Specialisation Lines

  1. Water Management
  2. Environment
  3. Food


Topics on the Specialisation Lines


– Water Management

Research Lines

  • Water legal framework
  • Water quality and its ecosystems
  • Water and thermal water research and applications



    – Environment
    – Water Management

    Research Lines

    • Environment and its sustainability legal framework
    • Sustainable primary production
    • Sustainable management
    • Climate change and water resources



      – Water management
      – Food
      – Environment
      – Smart Technologies
      – Social and Educational Innovation

      Research Lines

      • Law, ICT and development
      • Food and development
      • Tourism development related with heritage and health


        Smart technologies

        Research Lines

        • Agroinformatics and viticulture


          Academic, scientific and professional interest

          The conception of the PhD Programme in WSD as the ideal framework to offer high quality specialised training in knowledge on water issues generation and dissemination within the Euroregion Galicia-North of Portugal has stimulated specific collaboration with other universities and university institutes from the North of Portugal.

          In this sense, the PhD Programme in WSD has formalized specific Collaboration Agreements with the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (IPP) and the University of Tràs-Os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), (the Specific Agreement signed on the 09/05/2016), as well as with the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB), (the Specific Agreement signed on the 22/05/2020). The aim of these is to encourage collaboration in the development of the Programme, as well as to encourage student enrolment, and to promote the researchers from the IPP, UTAD and IPB participation through the direction and/or co-direction of theses associated with this Programme, and to develop common work in the different research areas. Likewise, the four institutions are represented on the Academic Committee of the PhD Programme, being the University of Vigo the only responsible university able to issue the PhD Diploma.


          Further information