The Campus Auga Strategic Plan began to take shape in 2014 through a series of actions designed by the Steering Committee of the Water Campus, with the active involvement of the heads and deans of the various teaching and research centres, as well as research groups and administrative staff located on the campus

In compliance with the previous plan, the I International Congress on Water took place in September, 2015, on the topic of Thermalism, and as it has a vocation of permanence, the second edition will take place during this year, on floods and droughts. Alongside the first Congress, the I Symposium on Thermalism and Quality of Life was celebrated. Due to be held every two years, we are already working in the second edition, planned for 2017.

In the field of research, the first project for the Campus Augas has been presented together with other institutions and universities, as well as establishing an internal protocol to promote the institutional projects development in order to compete in international calls.

Campus Auga Strategic Plan (condensed version).
Campus Auga Strategic Plan (complete version).