On the year 2015 the construction project for the Campus da Auga Building was launched, destined mostly to research and also providing institutional headquarters

This building, designed to strengthen the R&D infrastructures located on the Campus of Ourense, will occupy over 3,500 m2, of which one third will be dedicated to specialised laboratories. Works are expected to be complete in 2017 in accordance with the terms of the collaboration agreement signed on October 3, 2014, between the Galician Government Department for Culture, Education and Universities and the University of Vigo for the building and development of the Water Campus Centre located on the Campus of Ourense, with the Galician Government undertaking to invest 4,499,032.20€ from the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) over four years.

An official ceremony was held in Spring, in order to ensure a fully transparent procedure, to announce and celebrate the winning project and the finalists of the future Campus Auga, whose construction will begging during this summer. The building is designed to fulfil the aims for which it is intended, becoming an example of sustainable, elegant and simple architecture. These ideas and the need to strike a balance are clearly laid out in the works project.

Financing of the Campus Auga Building


Space utilisation call

Recording of calls:


03/02/2017 – Space utilisation call for the Campus Auga Building – 2020

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Annex 2 – Space acceptance form