The university’s global relationship with its socio-economic environment is of growing importance. At a time when areas and regions are in competition, as key players for promoting competitiveness and innovation, universities must remain constantly open to dialogue with society. Providing services to businesses and institutions, transferring technology and knowledge, offering life-long training, encouraging entrepreneurship, etc., are an integral part of this relationship.

The Campus Auga must promote the technology and scientific knowledge transfer and their practical application to support local, regional (Euroregional) and national industries and institutions.

The main goals of this strategic guiding principle are:

  • To set up a Technology and Knowledge Transfer Unit designed to actively strengthen the relationship between the University, businesses and institutions and society at large, whilst at the same time carrying out work to identify the existing socio-economic needs and opportunities and to pass them on to the academic and research community.
  • To organise specific activities designed to effectively transfer knowledge in areas of interest to local and regional industries, including the provision of specialised services, life-long training and the promotion of entrepreneurship.