Higher University Degree offering knowledge to prepare professionals in the field of educational proposals design, development and evaluation to promote social integration through life, respecting the different socialisation contexts, to ensure citizenships the right to education, facilitating strategies to improve the quality of life and autonomous development, as well as maximum potential of their skills for a wide social integration and participation.


Professional Area of Labour Insertion

  • Educational innovation projects design, development, programming and evaluation
  • Advice and support to teaching staff in the application of learning innovative methodologies, as well as in the scientific resources and equipment use
  • Advice and support to teaching staff in the on-site, blended and on-line training actions review
  • Didactic materials related with scientific interaction, technique, society and sustainable development elaboration
  • Leisure-recreational activities with special interest for the natural, social, and cultural environment planning and design
  • Environmental education
  • Socio-educational education


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