Master’s Degree specialised in the valuation, management and protection of heritage, qualifying to be able to select and use the methodological tools used in the cultural heritage valuation, management and/or diffusion design, execution and control, and which can also be understood as a training period to achieve the PhD, with the finality of promote the research in the field of heritage protection.


Educational Activity Area

  • Main: Water Management
  • Related: Environment

Academic, scientific and professional interest

Unique and innovative educational offer synthesising multiple competences to qualify new professionals in the cultural heritage.
Continuous updating of the study plan (changed in 2018 and 2020, passed by the Ministry of Education)



Professional Field

  • Intervention in the cultural heritage projects drafting following the specific regulating legislation
  • Immovable cultural heritage cataloguing
  • Cultural heritage cartography
  • Geographical information and its storage in databases analysis, debugging and interpretation, based on technical requirements for an intervention project inventory and documentation
  • Immovable cultural heritage subsoil surface exploration
  • Cultural heritage multifactorial aspects evaluation and assessment according to criteria of social use


  • Heritage resources management technician
  • Cartographer and geographic information technologies specialist
  • Documentalist


Further information