The Campus Auga promotes teaching, research and knowledge transfer activities on water issues, generating synergies and joint lines of action between research staff, involving social and economic agents, as well as Public Administrations, to turn them into strategic partners.

This continued effort makes Campus Auga a focus of multidisciplinary specialization and an international benchmark in the activities we carry out and, in general, in issues related to water.

Strategic objectives


Offer advanced and quality training, with a stable and high number of students, in disciplines related to water issues, which distinguish the Campus Auga at a regional (Euroregional), state and international level.


Position itself as a regional (Euroregional) benchmark, internationally recognized in multidisciplinary research on water issues.


Promote the transfer of technology and scientific knowledge towards practical applications that are useful for local, regional (Euroregional) and state industries and institutions.


Seek a sustainable level of financing in support of the strategic and specific guidelines of Campus Auga.