Governing Council

It represents the governing body of the Campus Auga. It acts as a guarantor of the proper functioning of the activity, assuming the functions of reporting the actions to the UVigo Governing Council, analyzing the information transmitted by the various centers in relation to the Campus Auga and attending to the reports of the Consultative Committees.

This Committee is made up of:

  • Rector of University of Vigo
  • Vice-Rector for Ourense Campus
  • Vice-Rector for Research, Transfer and Innovation
  • General Secretariat for Universities (Xunta de Galicia)
  • Social Council of University of Vigo representative (Business sector: COREN)
  • Director of Campus Auga

Advisory Boards

They act as guarantees of the correct fulfillment of the objectives and actions proposed in the development of the Campus Auga strategy.

Scientific Advisory Board

It is made up of professionals of recognized prestige in the scientific fields of water issues.

Socio-Economic Advisory Board

It welcomes business associations, clusters, public administrations and other entities from the Galicia-Northern Portugal Euroregion related to the lines of specialization of the Campus Auga.


It acts as Secretary of the Governing Council, exercising the tasks of responsibility for the coordination and operation of Campus Auga. For this purpose the director is assisted by the Governing Committe.

Governing Committee

It is structured in four areas aligned with the strategic areas of activity of Campus Auga: teaching, research, transfer, and internationalization.