Bachelor’s degree that qualifies the students to perform management, consulting and evaluation tasks in business, and to develop these tasks in their global scope, or in any of their functional areas, production, resources, financing, marketing, investment, administration or accounting .

Graduates will be able to: analyze the socio-economic context and the behavior of the buyer, as well as determine the most appropriate measures to maximize the management of resources, and guarantee the effectiveness of processes and results, in order to generate wealth and added value.

Main specialization line

  • Water management

Related lines

  • Environment
  • Food

Academic, scientific and professional interest

Possibility of studying the International Joint Study Program in Business Administration and Management and Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration: Degree in Business Administration and Management with mutual recognition in studies from the Universidade de Vigo and the Hochschule-Bremerhaven University (Germany).

Possibility of taking the Joint Program of Official Studies in Business Administration and Management and Law.

Possibility of studying the Joint Program of Official Studies in Business Administration and Management and Computer Engineering.


Professional area

  • Planning and economic-financial management of water resources in an environment of sustainability


  • Comprehensive water resources manager
  • Technician, expert, specialist in circular economy
  • Technician in corporate social responsibility
  • Knowledge management consultant
  • Technology Transfer Manager
  • E-business consultant
  • Service Marketing Expert
  • Management and strategy consultant
  • Market research technician
  • Financial adviser