Main specialization line

  • Food

Academic, scientific and professional interest

Only master’s degree in the University System of Galicia.

Nutrition and all related aspects, which include pathologies due to the most frequent metabolic alterations (where Galicia is at the forefront in obesity, especially in childhood obesity), is one of the areas that in recent years has determined the need to have increasingly better trained professionals in this field to be able to give an adequate response to the socio-sanitary problems that arise, but also with a solid academic background that allows them to adapt to the continuous scientific and technological advances.


Professional area

  • Nutrition for health
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Community feeding


  • Food biotechnologist
  • Food industry technician
  • Food quality control technician
  • Food quality control laboratory technician
  • Management and control of industrial food production
  • Nuerse specialized in nutrition
  • Physiotherapist specialized in nutrition