Bachelor’s degree that offers training in tourism that includes the needs of business management and the use of natural and cultural resources in tourism, based on a global knowledge of all areas related to tourism, such as business management, planning strategy, marketing, environmental economics, international trade, accommodation and restaurant management, as well as geography and sociology.

Main specialization line

  • Water management

Related line

  • Environment

Academic, scientific and professional interest

It is one of the two Bachelor´s degree in Tourism in the University System of Galicia.

Possibility of studying the Joint Program of Official Studies in Tourism and Geography and History.

In the academic year 2020/2021, a new academic simultaneity is launched: Mutual Recognition Program for Studies in the Bachelor of Arts in Cruise Tourism Management (Hochschule-Bremerhaven University – Germany) and BAchelor Degree in Tourism (Universidade de Vigo).


Professional area

  • Tourist development.
    Design and development of tourism development plans, participation in management plans and tourism policies, planning and management of projects for the use of tourism resources
  • Tourist promotion.
    Design, marketing and distribution of tourism products
  • Tourist revitalization.
    Information, promotion and sales promotion of tourism products, tourism market research
  • Consulting and advisory services.
    Creation of infrastructures in the tourism sector, advising companies with competence in tourism issues


  • Responsible for the development of tourist destinations
  • Responsible for planning and public management of tourist destinations
  • Promoter of tourist activities
  • Marketing manager for tourism products and activities
  • Tourist business manager
  • Director of entities of the thermal sector
  • Thermal Accommodation Technician
  • Consultant on the impact of tourism on water quality
  • Geotourism specialist.
  • Local development officer