The Doctorate Program in Agrifood Science and Technology trains doctors who carry out their R&D&I activities in various elements of the food chain, from the primary production of raw materials to the latest advances in food processing or in biotechnology, passing through quality and food safety.

It is intended to guarantee a comprehensive and multidisciplinary training that allows future graduates to develop and implement new technologies in the agri-food sector, as well as to generate new products and/or the valorization of those that currently exist in the purchased one, training them with an excellent scientific preparation. and professional maturity to lead and collaborate in R+D+i activities in the scientific-professional food sector.

specialization line campus auga

  • Functional Food

Synergies between doctorate research lines and specialization lines of the Campus


Doctorate research lines

  • Characterization and improvement of sensory quality (aromatic composition) and functional quality (polyphenolic profile) of foods
  • Nutraceutical foods
  • Production and evaluation of natural antioxidants
  • Obtaining and evaluating new functional ingredients
  • Production, purification, characterization and application of microbial enzymes of food and environmental interest
  • Production and application of probiotic lactic acid bacteria and bacteriozins
  • Distribution of chemical, organic, agricultural and environmental contaminants in the food production chain.
  • Food safety
  • Revaluation of agri-food waste
  • Use and recovery of residual materials and by-products of the food industry through fermentation processes

Food specialization line topics

  • Research, development and innovation in the production, processing and preservation of food
  • Food quality and safety
  • Competitiveness and innovation of the food production industry
  • Environmental sustainability in the food industry


Doctorate research lines

  • Transport of agrochemicals and trace elements in the plant-water-soil system
  • Study of the presence, distribution and mobility of heavy metals and pesticides in soils
  • Determination of the phytosanitary status of crops and predictive models for the application of phytosanitary treatments
  • Influence of climate change on crops and native species
  • Development of new materials from plant biomass
  • Thermalism and geothermal
  • Study of water quality and modeling of hydrological processes in forest basins

Environmental specialization line topics

  • Water, soil, flora and fauna. Protection of natural resources
  • Climate change, hydrological cycle and water resources
  • Biological environmental quality, water quality and evaluation of agricultural systems
  • Conservation of protected natural spaces, aquifers and freshwater ecosystems
  • Applied research on thermal and mineral-medicinal waters

Academic, scientific and professional interest

Only doctorate program in the University System of Galicia.

Mention of Quality for Excellence (Ministry of Education) from the academic year 2011/2012 and following.